Let's start by saying this is your shoot and these are your memories.

The main idea is to capture the perfect moment in time. If you have something meaningful which can be incorporated into the shoot, bring it. Another good rule of thumb is to buy new clothes. You are investing in a photo session that will last forever. New clothes will make you look good and feel good.

A good rule of thumb is to pick three or four colors for the shoot and have everyone wear variations of them. Colors that pop, patterns, layers and accessories should all look coordinated without being overly matchy.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do wear patterns or plaids, especially the boys. Girls can coordinate with colors to make them pop and accessorize with scarfs, boots or heels.
  • Don’t wear all plain shirts (white, black, etc.). It makes everyone blend together and look blasé. We want you to pop out of the picture and look fantastic.
  • Don’t wear logos. Recognizable brands like Nike, Adidas, GAP are distracting if left in and often are Photoshopped out by me (which takes more time). The only exception to this rule is if the shoot is a more “Urban” or “Grunge” street style shoot.
  • Do layer up. Take a look around South Coast Plaza or your local mall for ideas. Many times they double up on polo shirts or place a plaid shirt over the polo for little guys. Girls might look nice with a jacket over a dress or a Pea Coat with matching heels. The bonus is layers can be switched out during the shoot to give multiple looks.
  • Don’t wear anything unflattering. This might sound obvious, but trust me its not. If you don’t like how your legs look in shorts, wear pants or a long dress. Remember we want to make you look your best, so put some thought into it.
  • Do go out and shop for something new. It can be an entirely new outfit or just a few new accessories. Remember we want you to pop and look your best. This is your chance to splurge a little. go out and get yourself something new, because you are worth it.

Finally take into account that this is our professional opinion, however this is your shoot. Follow all the do's and don'ts, some of them, or none of them. We want your personality to shine and to give you a product you can be proud of forever. Do something interesting, creative, something that you can post or send out to others and their response is full of happiness and joy.